In truth, you like the pain. You like it because you believe you deserve it.
Marya Hornbacher   (via le-vide)

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Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.
Victor Hugo   (via lilithscurse)
As 5 am crawls closer I sober up and it’s all too real again. This is really happening.


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I am hopelessly in love with a memory.
An echo from another time, another place.

I still remember.

‘You don’t actually get over things… you incorporate them. They become part of everything you are. I don’t mean that you walk about crying all the time. But you change.’
When You’re Falling, Dive: Lessons in the Art of Living, by Mark Matousek  (via askjdhlfsjkhd)

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@xo_emmalicious reunion. Happiest Bex ever. Ever.

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